360(NYSE: QIHU), Hongyi Zhou
"I have known Vivian for over ten years. She always stands together with entrepreneurs during ups and downs.Best wishes to Yi Capital on the new journey.I believe with great empathy towards entrepreneurs and win-win philosophy,they will work along with entrepreneurs.I have great faith that Yi Capital will be a dark horse in the venture capital industry."
360(NYSE: QIHU), Xiangdong Qi
"Vivian has contributed a lot to the success of Qihoo 360, and she is indeed a great investor and partner to entrepreneurs. Best wishes to Yi Capital."
Benlai, Huafeng Yu
"Vivian invested Benlai in a very short time based on her acute insight in the market and capability to judge a team. This style is what we the entrepreneurs like the best . Right now, Vivian becomes an entrepreneur in the domain she is so good at, I have no doubts that her professionalism, decision-making mechanism, and passion that will lead Yi Capital to be a rising star in the investment industry."
BEST Logistics, Jonny Chou
"Vivian is an amazing investor with accountability and vision. She has deep understanding of the start-up project and its team. She always pays attention and provides substantial support to us entrepreneurs, enabling us to know better of the market. She is definitely our great mentor and true friend. I am so thankful for her support and guidance from the investment process to the fast development of my company. Congratulations on the new journey of Vivian and Muqing, and best wishes to Yi Capital, and hope them help more start-ups to succeed."
FangDD, Yi Duan
"They are investors that truly help start-ups in their long march from 0 to 1"
Jinyindao, Yuhong Wang
"I have known Vivian when she led the investment in us. Back then, it seemed that we had known each other for a long time, perhaps because we had gone to college around the same time with similar experience. From my perspective, she is an excellent investor with vision, insight, capability and dream, and most importantly, she is one that will truly help us entrepreneurs. Now, she starts a new journey by founding Yi Capital, I wish her and her fund a bright future."
JOYOUNG(A Share:002242), Xuning Wang
"I met Vivian and Muqing before Joyoung’s IPO. I have been quite impressed with their expertise and support since then. More importantly, they dig deep into our industry which enables them to continuously offer valuable observations from a unique angle.With their rich investment experiences and professionalism, Vivian and Muqing will definitely succeed in their new venture. Wish Yi Capital a great success and prosperity."
Shansong, Peng Xue
"Muqing is an amicable, trustworthy friend and partner to entrepreneurs. He focuses on people by valuing the founders'believes and perseverance. He has formed his own assessment system with emphasis on both the concept and execution. "
Shansong, Haibo Ru
"Our project won Muqing's recognition just one month after its debut, thus becoming his boldest investment in early mobile internet projects. Within a year, our business has grown by over 1000 times with highly recognized quality. This has proved Muqing's judgment. Knowledgeable and open-minded, he is always quite candid and winning the trust from the entrepreneurs. I believe the best investor should always put himself in the same boat with the startups to share weal and woe. Muqing is such a trustworthy investor. "
Tujia, Jun Luo
"I am so impressed by Vivian’s transcendent judgment on those projects. She is an amazing investor with big picture and grand vision. Vivian is also quite sharp in judging the founding members and their teams. She definitely deserves the reputation as one of the distinctive domestic investors. Investment is no easy thing, as it requires insistence and persistence. Best wishes to Yi Capital to lead the trend and doing fabulous!"
Wingtech, Xuezheng Zhang
"Muqing and I have been good friends for many years. He is not only a great investor, but also a mentor and friend of a life time. During our cooperation, his acute insight inspires and helps me a lot, and also leads to a superb result. I definitely believe Yi Capital will succeed and become a great investment firm with his lead."
Emar, Xixing Ke
"I have known Vivian for a decade, since our investment cooperation in 2005. I respect her exquisite business sense of the new economy and admire her capability to combine reasoning and empathy when communicating with the entrepreneurs. Muqing is definitely a rising star in the industry, and his diligence and affinity has helped us in a great sense. Best wishes to Yi Capital to achieve more and be a leading flagship in the industry."
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