Founded in 2014, YI Capital is a venture capital fund company focusing on TMT innovation. Moreover, it is also dedicated to the innovation in the field of industrial Internet and the investment opportunities in industrial upgrading, with the special attention paid to the innovative application and industrial upgrading of the Internet and IT technology in the fields including the living, finance, automotive, logistics, innovative e-commerce, living service, etc. YI Capital has invested in a number of outstanding enterprises in the industrial Internet upgrading fields such as Jiayoubao, 9Beike, Lianjia, Get, Mljr, Xiaoma and so on.

The LPs of YI Capital include the well-known FoFs, the famous domestic and foreign listed companies as well as many successful entrepreneurs. In addition to providing funding, they also bring rich deal sourcing,so as to provide the valuable industrial resources for the investment company and the first-hand entrepreneurial experience and industry domain knowledge.

What makes YI Capital feel deeply proud is the sound relationship built with the entrepreneurs, industry leaders, etc., with which it could be committed to the long-term accompaniment of the growth and development of China’s outstanding enterprises. With the adherence to the firm determination from the very beginning, it is marching forward on the road of becoming the great company with the entrepreneurs in the mentality of entrepreneurship.